Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Knitting Snafu

I got a great new sock knitting book called Sock Club by Charlene Schaurch and Beth Parrott.  I also picked up a favorite sock yarn of mine by Deborah Norville called Serenity Garden Yarn.  It's been a while since I knit with this yarn and was very disappointed in the results I got.

I was testing out a pattern called Reims that looked really pretty.  I noticed though that as I knit the sock was feeling stretched out and way too big.  So I cast on again in a smaller size.  I knit the whole leg, heel, heel turn and pick up.  I noticed again that the sock was feeling very stretched out.  I gave my knitting a tug to check the stretch and it's resiliency to return to shape.  No good.  The yarn was not resilient.  It stretched fine but stayed where you stretched it.  Ugh.  So, I ripped out all of my stitches and wound up the yarn.

I'm looking to use the yarn in a rib knit rather than knitting in lace.  I know it will behave much better as I've made two other pairs of socks with this particular yarn and it worked just fine.  Now I'll just have to find a nice superwash wool for this pattern.  I really want to wear these socks!

Cecilia Therese

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