Friday, June 1, 2012

One Stitch at a Time

On Tuesday, May 29th, I gave birth to my newest little boy. He was born a robust 8 lbs 14 oz and was 21 inches long.

Hospital stays are not fun. The staff changes frequently, lots of noise, questionable food, and plenty of people who can make you feel like a bad mother. Your wishes and desires may be in direct conflict with hospital policy or accepted medical advice.

Currently, I sit in the semi-dark feeding my child. The pain of breastfeeding will eventually fade as we grow and learn day by day. I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later. My abdomen is in a lot of pain mostly because I don't want to take anything I react negatively to. We are trying to manage it with 800 mg of Motrin but it doesn't help much. So, I cry when it gets to be too much.

Our little boy lost 9% of his body weight in two days. 10% is too much and I'm sure we'll exceed that tonight when the nurse weighs him in a few minutes. What a way to feel like a failure. The same happened with our first baby.

Food is tolerable if I'm very careful, but I'm hungry and all the portable food are things I cannot eat. Not so good at 1am.

And lectures abound as to not sleeping with the baby, what your pain really means, and supplementing with formula. I hope hope hope I and the baby are released today. I want to go home.


  1. The blogging community is so full of love. Thank-you everyone for the kind thoughts and words. It was with great fortune that we were released after three days and I was not told I needed to supplement with formula, like with our first child.

    Breastfeeding is a challenge in that each child feeds differently and you have to train them into good behavior. Our newest little guy is a pro at feeding, unlike his older brother. The only problem is when we get a bad latch a few times, popping him off and on in search of a better latch can lead to blistering.

    The pain of the c-section is much better though not by what it could be if I were to take stronger drugs. While I don't cry from pain anymore I'm definitely dealing with bouts of frustration that make me cry which may be a little bit of postpartum depression. I'm hoping it will clear quickly and I can resume in a more normal frame of mind.

    Thank-you everyone!

  2. I am so sorry to everyone who commented on this post. I accidentally deleted all the comments and I'm so mad! I hope you'll all forgive me for this blunder and I'll see if I can reconstruct what everyone commented from my emails.