Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Today my stomach is officially smaller than my chest.  Hurray!

I've also lost between 25-30 lbs in two weeks.  It's amazing how fast baby weight comes off.  I'm not dieting in any way, other than eating foods that are not processed.  My only real cheat is that I drink tea with white sugar in it and I'm not modest with the sugar.  I like my tea sweet.

Since about  2/3rds of the way through my pregnancy I have been avoiding grains of all kinds.  This includes wheat, spelt, barley, oats, corn and rice.  It is challenging only in that if I want to eat packaged foods I have to scour the label for hidden grain ingredients.  Oh, and I'm avoiding soy too.

The good news about eating this way is that during the third trimester of my pregnancy my blood pressure did not go up the way it did with my previous pregnancy.  I didn't get bloated and I slept fairly well.  The very best part was that all of my allergies disappeared.  It was heaven after spending the last 15 years congested and barely able to sleep at night because I felt like I was drowning.  If it were not for that last part, I'd be eating grains again.  I can do bloating and ignore high blood pressure, but congestion free sinus' are amazing.

I'm working on making sure I don't go into ketosis.  I'm a huge fan of low-carb diets for losing weight.  I've been in ketosis before, however I could never understand why it was not recommended for pregnant women since I'm sure women in the past (like 100 or more years ago) have likely been in that state and were perfectly healthy.  Then I listened to a podcast with the author of The Healthy Baby Code and he finally clued me in on the why.  If a mother is in ketosis when her child is born, that child has a greater propensity to store body fat because the body thinks that it is being born into a state of starvation.  That is not something I want for my child.  It is good for survival rates but in this day and age where food is abundant, it's more of a drawback.

When I'm finally released to start exercising and my breastfeeding is on solid ground, I plan on fully embracing the Paleo/Primal Blueprint lifestyle (giving up sugar, dairy, and legumes).  I really feel that it is something our bodies are designed for.  There is a lot of great scientific research out there on the physiological and biochemical reaction of food on the body.  We'll see how my body re-balances itself when I get to my new stable body weight.

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