Friday, June 22, 2012

Rambling Thoughts on Being Young vs. Being a Little Older

When I was a teenager I felt like time took forever.  I wanted something to happen.  I wanted to be pushed forward by events to see how I would handle them.  I wanted to stretch my wings and see how far I could go.  Now being in my mid-thirties time slips by with frightening speed.  I feel like I'm trying to do things as fast as I can before I run out of energy and out of time.

Where does the time go? When did I switch from waiting around to running to keep up?

Add on top of that the need to feel something, anything. We become so numb inside with all this technology, time saving devices, and lack of connection with the real world.  No wonder people like to party, drink to excess, drive fast, and be crazy.

When my children get to this age of time taking forever, how will I help channel their energies into serving God? What can I propose they take on and do as an alternative to the rebellious culture of youth? I want them to find a focus and drive in their vocation.  How will we find their vocation?

These questions will be answered over time, I just hope I can keep up by the time our children need our help in answering them.

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