Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swinging into a new direction...or, My latest obsession

What a pendulum swing. For months I've been obsessed with nutrition, seeking out new and informative choices on eating and living healthy. Today, I find myself looking at artwork of the Eucharist and wishing there were a local Latin Mass I could attend. I've been desiring to wear a veil to mass and have been looking at beautiful chapel veils and Mantillas, contemplating color choices and trim styles.

Where does this come from, these wild spins in direction? Is it due to having a new little on snuggled in my arms? Is it because I've lost patience with my toddler as I try unsuccessfully to dictate my wished from the couch while nursing? Is it my frailty from surgery where overexerting myself results in a three hour involuntary nap and an uptick in uterine bleeding that I thought had stopped?

Whatever it is, when times like this happen I revel in the enjoyment of a new direction. I love learning if it is at my own direction and at my own pace. I know my friends and relatives tire of my prattle over the latest thing I've learned. I wish they too could enjoy my enthusiasm.

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