Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tired Days

Our newest little one is keeping me busy day and night. I'm finding it a challenge to be awake at 2am for three hours. The lactation consultant says that's because my body is producing prolactin which makes me incredibly sleepy when I nurse. In a month that will be out of my system but in the meantime I just pray I don't drop the baby while I'm nursing when I jerk back awake.

Tantrums reign supreme here as our toddler realizes he is not the center of the universe. Poor guy. He melts down whenever we won't do what he wants and it doesn't help that he doesn't really talk much at all. I've discovered that he does not want me to make or feed him breakfast, but my husband can. I am a traitor in his eyes as I am taking care of the intruder. I hope this moment will pass quickly and harmony will be found again.

The house is getting organized thanks to my husband. He works on all the little projects that have been put off all the while watching our oldest and keeping him from injury. I am so grateful he can be home with us this month. I don't know what things would be like if I was here alone while I recovered from my c-section. Not pretty.

Lastly, I finally got around to watching Soul Surfer. It was very good and I was crying through half of it. It was a good purge of those postpartum emotions. I definitely recommend people watch it. It is wholesome, sweet, tragic, and honest. I hope more films can be made like this one where sex and mindless violence and swearing are not the topic. Although, if a saint film comes along with the violence (i.e. For Greater Glory) I don't think I'll mind watching it.

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