Friday, July 20, 2012

A big day.

It's a big day! I just weighed our 7 week old little boy and he is 13.8 lbs. According to the charts that puts him in the 93.5 percentile. I'm waiting to find out until his 2 month appointment on how tall he is. Hopefully his height is tracking right along with his weight. We probably will have a tall boy. It makes me a little nervous that he may outgrow his car seat so much faster than his older brother. I have 8.2 lbs left on the seat. Or he may just get too tall for it. I was wondering why his swaddlers were getting so difficult to put on. They're only made to go to 14 lbs.

Biting is our newest hurdle with our oldest. I'm calling it that even though he's not actually biting. He's doing this open mouth leaning thing where he leaves an imprint of his top two teeth. It's not so fun when he does it to the baby's head. Time out has been used three times so far. I'm hoping my oldest will grasp the concept quickly.

It's hot here and getting hotter. Tomorrow and Sunday are predicted to be 102. At least it's not the 108 that came and went last week. We'll stay inside with our fans and air conditioner, toughing it out at 82. That might not seem too hot but when you're nursing and your internal temp is already running high, it get's really sweaty around here. I'd turn the thermostat down but our electric bill gets really big when I do that. In a way I wish we were living in a home that was all one level without the vaulted ceilings, it would be cheaper to heat and cool.

I went for my first walk today. My husband loaded up our two boys in our tandem stroller. Our baby looked really crooked in the seat so I grabbed the car seat and strapped him into it and put it on the stroller. It worked much better, plus I was able to keep him shaded at all times no matter which direction we were heading in. It was so beautiful outside. Even though there is a huge fire about 30 miles away, we were clear and blue with a nice little breeze. Of course, 10 minutes into our walk I realized that I was supposed to be at my 6 week OB appointment right at that moment. I almost ran back home to drive over there but thought better of it and rescheduled it when we got back. They fit me in at 12:30 and I passed with flying colors. My scar looks great and my uterus is firm and back to a normal size.

I'm off to watch Tintin with my husband. I got to watch a little of it the other day with my nephew. I loved the comics when I was a child and from what I saw they were very faithful to the story and great animation.

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