Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Disney films and Brave

Ever since The Little Mermaid came out I've had a problem with the messages in the Disney movies. Something was always off in the films and they smacked more of modern ideals than lessons of virtue.

I haven't seen Brave yet, but I do have plans to see it when it is released on DVD. I like watching Disney films because they are beautiful, especially Pixar ones. I keep hoping they will return to classical story lines and traditional story telling. I hope one day they will take some of our saint stories and use them for story lines. It would be refreshing to see such odd and unusual tales of adventure and perseverance.

Just yesterday I read a review, on one of my favorite blogs I read, about Brave. It wasn't a very good review as I had a hard time tracking what they meant but they did send me a link to a better review that discusses some of the story ideas I haven't been liking. Here is part 1 of the review:

Like I said, I do plan on watching Brave, and I plan on enjoying it. I know movies and cartoons will never live up to our highest ideals but we can always hope they will get better.

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