Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's a rough life

Today was one of those days where I had a mommy fail moment. I feel the heat of soul scorching pain at not protecting my child properly. Of abandoning caution to the wind and ending up with a tearful child.

My toddler and I were playing a game of boo. We had already played horsey where he rode on my back and let off delighted squeals of glee. For the past 6 weeks I had been so caught up with caring for our newborn that I was feeling like our big boy really needed my attention. I played a tune on the Recorder I picked up off the desk in his play room. My toddler begged for the chance to play it. On our games went until a moment of surprise left my boy screaming and crying on the floor because the mouth of the recorder had impacted the roof of his mouth.

I scooped him up as he arched his back. I got a good look at the damage to his mouth and was thankful that no teeth were involved. He had given the roof of his mouth a good scratch. I put the recorder away, vowing that we would only use it again while sitting calmly.

I carried our boy to the kitchen in search of a wash cloth to mop up the blood and hopefully see if I could get him to put a little ice on it. No such luck though. Ice wasn't happening. I called the pediatrician and they said there wasn't much I could do other than what I was trying.

The rest of the day was a long one of crying, no naps, drooling everywhere, and trying to snuggle closer. Eating was a big challenge and I did manage to get him to eat a little chocolate Bryers ice cream (very few ingredients and all ones I knew) and some mashed up all fruit popsicles. He tried to drink out of his straw sippy cup, but I think the sucking action was painful so I switched him to a real cup. The best part was that he did manage to drink out of a real cup, by himself, without spilling a drop. We've only been practicing drinking from real cups for a whole year now.

Aside from the success of drinking from a cup, I hope not to repeat the tragic events of the day. I know they will come when I least suspect it and all I can do is pray to make it through providing the best comfort I can give with hugs, kisses and lots of love.

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