Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Day I Had to Feed My Child Formula

It was a beautiful week. Warm temps in the valley promised nice weather at 8000 ft.

We were planning on taking a small family vacation with my parents at their time share, spending Thursday, Friday and Saturday however we wanted with my parents watching our two boys as much as possible. It sounded so fun.

Wednesday evening I was feeling like I had eaten way too many almonds and had put myself in gastrointestinal distress. I felt like as soon as I could pass this through my system I would feel normal again. I threw up a few times, feeling a little better, and then my husband arrived home from work. I took stock of my condition and realized that he needed to feed our oldest and put him down for bed. Graciously was my request accepted and I tried to will my body to hurry up by hanging about in the bathroom.

The next morning wasn't too bad. My stomach ached with what I thought was gluttony but I went ahead and finished packing the car and feeding the boys. It all went smoothly and my husband drove us up the mountain in three hours.

We arrived in beautiful Lake Tahoe and found my parent's time share over on the Nevada side. The temps were so nice compared to the over 100 degree weather we were experiencing at home. I was rubbing my hands in glee at the thought of sleeping in a cool room with sheets and blankets.

I was expectedly stiff from sitting in a car for three hours and my stomach still hurt. I could eat but I wasn't very hungry. I ate a little anyways because I was nursing and needed to keep up my supplies.

I spent the rest of Thursday nursing and trying to convince my body to go to the bathroom. It was starting to be a lot more uncomfortable and I was taking Motrin to go to sleep.

Friday morning I nursed my child at the wee hours of the morning and I knew I needed to take another Motrin. I managed successfully to put my boy back down to sleep, was successful in the bathroom, took my Motrin and crawled into bed at 6 am. I watched the clock as best I could because I wasn't comfortable in any position and I hoped the medicine would kick in soon so I could go to sleep.

My whimpers of pain got my husband's attention and he called the teledoc to see what we should do. Around 7 am the Motrin finally started working and I could lay on my side without it hurting too much. Around that time we also got through to a doctor. His recommendation was to go to urgent care because it could be a UTI, or my c-section scar could have an infected pocket, or I could have colitis, or I could have appendicitis.

My parents offered to care for our oldest while we went to tough it out in the waiting room of the ER. When we got to the facility we were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the place. It matched the community and the lake. The waiting room was comfortable, clean, new looking, and practically devoid of other patients in need.

We were seen quickly and after a doctor took a quick look he ordered a CT scan to verify a prognosis of Appendicitis.

Every bump into the CT scan was painful. When they administered more iodine through my IV I felt the very odd sensation of heat sweeping through most of my body.

Eventually, I was returned to my little room where my husband and baby were. We waited the few extra minutes for the doctor to review the images and give us a prognosis. It was bad news. Not only did I have appendicitis but it was also perforated.

As I waited for the surgeon to pay me a visit a nurse came in and hooked up my IV to some antibiotics. At that point my mind started racing to figure out how I would feed my 8 week old child. I realized I wouldn't be able to breastfeed a few moments after I asked.

I started crying. It was the same crying with our first child when at three days old he had lost 13% of his body weight. In that instance I felt like I was failing to provide, but this go-round it was the knowledge that my milk would be toxic.

I was wheeled to pre-op where I got to kiss my family good-bye for a while. They gave me more drugs and before I knew it I was out of surgery. Unfortunately, the same thing happened that always happens, I was not only in pain but very nauseous. Nausea is my enemy number 1. I can tolerate pain for the most part but not nausea. Dizziness makes me close my eyes and I constantly want to just throw up to make it go away.

It was a rough post-op recovery before they took me to my new room. Once there they got pain and nausea medication in me so I could actually relax. What was even better was that they found me a breast pump so I wouldn't lose my supply (even if I did have to throw the milk away), and they offered the second bed to my husband since I had no roommate.

Thanks to God I recovered quickly enough that they released me the following day. We were able to drive home and I was again allowed to nurse my child. Another thank-you went to God when my infant made no protest at nursing after being on the bottle for a whole day.

Recovery is painful, nausea is heavy, and walking is not easy. I feel as if recovery is harder than the pain before the surgery.

God willing I will recover swiftly and I'll be chasing my toddler all over the house again.

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