Monday, August 6, 2012

Mondays of Gratitude

When you talk to others, many say that Mondays are the worst day of the week. I want my Mondays to be days where I look forward to the rest of my week so I'm going to try and post something every Monday for those things I'm grateful for.


1. My mother coming to help me out with being home alone. Since I just had an appendectomy on top of a c-section, it's been difficult trying to do things around the house.

2. Getting to go to my parent's home three days this week. I love visiting my parents. They still live in the home I grew up in since I was seven. My oldest boy gets to chase the dog around, pick flowers, go for walks with Papa, and play with all the model airplanes. My baby will be cuddled and held by Grammie and Papa. A neighbor might drop by to say hello. The food is always wonderful and lovingly made.

3. My dad will be 63 on Saturday. We're going to have a BBQ for him at his house on Friday. He's been a wonderful dad giving us useful advice, helping with cars, and being there when we are in need. He's never been one to just leave someone else to all the hard work. He always lends a hand. I love my dad.

4. For a little boy who learned to say, "sorry" when he hit his helpless newborn baby brother.

5. For a two month old baby who smiles at me when I look at him and he starts "goo"-ing aloud in glee, kicking his feet and waving his fists.

6. For little boys who take naps and sleep at night.

7. For a husband who tries so hard to finish the work on the house so it feels nice to live there. He spent all weekend practicing staining cabinets from the garage so he could get it perfect when doing the ones inside.

8. For a church with a cry room so I can nurse my baby around other parents and listen to mass without getting awkward stares.

9. For yummy bacon we got from our local butcher. So good!

10. And lastly, for air conditioning on the days that will be over 100.

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