Monday, August 13, 2012

Mondays of Gratitude

Boy! This past week was busy. As promised here is my second weekly post on gratitude.

1. I am grateful for the time I spent with my parents. We alternated visiting each other and so I was able to go to their house Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It was so relaxing.

2. My mom is awesome. She recorded the olympics for me and I was able to watch all of the recordings when I visited. I still love watching gymnastics. My mom did the same for me back in 1996 when I was living far away. It was so nice to get a care package and then on top of that the recording of Keri Strugg's awesome achievement.

3. Seeing my dad have such a good time for his birthday. The whole neighborhood showed up.

4. For air-conditioning! Every day last week was over 100. Looks like this week will be too.

5. For husbands who let you turn the thermostat down in a heat wave just so you can sleep better.

6. For my toddler who got a new tooth and said, "pooh" when he pointed to his pooh bear.

7. For my baby who has done such a great job at sleeping at night, only waking once to eat and get a diaper change.

8. For good friends who watch our toddler while we go to mass. We were bringing him with us but around 15 months he became a whirl wind of climbing, running, crawling, screaming and enthusiasm for life. Masses were split between us but now we can go together at least every other week.

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