Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weary days

Life is very busy. I feel like I'm directing everything from the couch and getting nothing accomplished. I know this is supposed to be a bonding time with my new baby and to not let the opportunity of playing with my toddler pass me by as he gets so much older so much faster. I feel as though I am doing neither. My house is somewhat clean, somewhat organized, with little food to eat or make. Laundry is always caught up (thanks to cloth diapering), but nothing else is. I feel both overwhelmed with all the work to do and completely lazy. I think I'm driving myself nuts.

My poor toddler faces my worn out patience as we're in the last hour before my husband returns home. I feel like I'm constantly telling him not to do something and I have little energy to redirect him into finding something else to do. God, please grant me the grace to be kind and patient to my children even when I'm tired.

I miss my mom and dad. They've been fantastic these past few weeks helping out and helping me heal. I realize just how hard it is when they leave and take a vacation. I envy them as they are traveling along the Oregon and California coast with temps in the 60s. Ahh, that sounds so nice (we've had nearly two weeks over 100 now).

Today I visited with neighbors and my nana who is lonely. And then I broke my toe. On the corner of the couch. And I had to drive a stick shift home. It hurts. How do you get a toddler to not stand on your hurt foot? Ouch.

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  1. He and Mae Bae sound like two peas in a pod, down to the hurt toe. I had to completely bandage the toe that she'd injured (repeated stomping for months and months) and even then she'd still attack it. I have no idea what it is with toddlers and standing on Mama's feet!

    Prayers for you guys and that you get some cooler weather soon!