Thursday, September 27, 2012

Something I Never Dreamed Would Happen

I woke up around 2am to kicking on the walls and our oldest crying. I went to his room to calm him from what I thought might be a nightmare only to discover that all my efforts were futile because he was actually throwing a temper tantrum. Try as I might I could not calm him. I tried picking him up but he arched back and screamed louder. I tried rocking him but he slithered a bit to the floor. I tried putting his feet on the floor (something I never do at night because I don't want him running around) and he keeled over crying wanting to be in my arms. I asked if he wanted milk, "No." I asked if he wanted Papa, "No." (That's really strange if you know my child). After a few more questions and all negative replies I decided I would have to bring him into out bed, but just before opening our bedroom door I decided to give warm milk a try without asking my child if he wanted it. It was a success and he drank it all. Back to bed we went, him to his crib and me to my bed.

After almost two years of night wakings to care for a child, a temper tantrum is a first to wake up to.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Exercises in Futile Thought, or Why The Heck am I Thinking that Way.

"What if..."

My biggest pet peeve. Sure, it's great to think that way if you're a scientist or a story writer, but for the rest of us if we change an event in our lives we change everything after that. That's free will. God will work with whatever path we put ourselves on. We are not destined to do something or be someone. We can change the direction of our lives with every action we take.

Say I wish we had waited a year to have children. I would never have had my two boys. I may have had other children but not the two I have now. Or what if having my children saved my life in some way. I could have been involved in a traffic accident or encountered some crazy person at work.

Even changing harmless things changes the whole world. I could have taken a right instead of going straight and arrived home sooner than expected.

I could have filled my gas tank up at a different gas station and never seen a man have a heart attack.

I could have not volunteered to help IT at my work and never fallen down the stairs and have my ankle ruined.

Dwelling on "what if" can have some very undesirable outcomes. It's probably best to try and be happy with what you've gone through in life and forge ahead.

"If only they could experience the same thing I went through."

If you really think about this one you can see how pointless it is to reminisce on this topic. Even if the person had the exact same experience their interpretation of that experience would be completely different. So maybe you only want them to empathize with you. Maybe they will or maybe they will look at you with contempt for being so weak, lazy, or stupid. We have to remember that no one is identical to ourselves. They were raised differently, they had other experiences, their temperament is different, they feel more pain, they feel less pain, etc. Many delve down this thought path purely for revenge, but should we not keep in mind God? We all have a path to follow that God has given us. Everyone else is on a different path.

Monday, September 17, 2012

More Wonderful Pictures...

Here are some wonderful photos I found on my husband's camera: 

A little close to the camera; he looks like a bobble head.

My camera hog

I just love these blue eyes

Does this not make you smile?

Mondays of Gratitude

A nice quiet week where we are getting back into the routine of things. I love vacations but I love the routine of home more.

Last Friday I spent a lovely evening with my friends. We ate pizza and had cookies. I nursed my baby and we watched What to Expect when You're Expecting. It was pretty good for a group film and we laughed a bunch.

I also went and visited my parents while I was quite exhausted. It was so nice to be able to sit back, rest, and watch my toddler play. I also watch United Bates of America that my mom recorded for me. I really enjoyed it and wished we lived with that joy and harmony.

Here's a snapshot of the boys:

Love the tongue

Happy baby

Talk to me!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Now I know.

I just caught my toddler chewing on his big toe. I thought in the past he had ripped toe nails from stubbing his toe. I guess not.

Did I say that?

Did I say my boys are good sleepers? Well, not when they're sick. Our oldest woke up five times last night to the baby's one time. I'm so tired.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Family trip to Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay was beautiful.  Here are some pictures from our trip:

We stopped on the trip over for groceries and the boys were sharing.

Our little shade fly at Goat Rock beach. It was closer to the rock but a seagull knocked some hefty rocks and they fell on our shade fly. You can't see it from here but there was a big rip where the two rocks landed.

Chasing birds on the beach.

Digging in the sand.

Hauling beach firewood around.

You can see the hole in the shade fly. The rocks also ripped down the netting. It was a bit scary.

Seaweed and a jelly fish. They looked like crystals out of the water.

Enjoying the sun, wind and sand at Salmon Creek.

Pretty blue eyes of our baby.

Our talker. 

Brotherly Love

Our boys love each other. But then there are times like this:

Our future awaits of more brotherly love.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Two vs One

I have to say that parenting two children is much more challenging than just one. I thought it was so hard and so easy to parent our oldest. I had time on my hands, I could watch TV, I utilized his nap times to be on the internet and to also do domestic chores. I was sleep deprived, exhausted, confused, and frustrated.

While I was pregnant with my second child I briefly wondered what I would do with two. Then our baby was born and I found out first hand.

I feel incredibly lucky to have the children God gave me. I don't handle stress all that well and my boys are very good sleepers. God gave me what I could handle and knowing that makes me feel like I'm getting off lightly compared to other families with colicky babies who are teething at the same time. I don't walk the floor at night trying to get my child to sleep but my cousin does and my mother-in-law did with my husband when he was a baby.

I feel terrible I'm not experiencing the same troubles other families have. However, my days are probably similar to other families. I hear myself saying, "No, don't put your finger in his nose.", or "don't bite your brother", or "that is your food, not the baby's", or "be gentle, he can't hold your car yet". It seems like a never ending stream of talk and actions trying to get my toddler to not accidentally maim or kill his baby brother.

Life is definitely harder with two.

Mondays of Gratitude

Words, words, words! My oldest is finally starting to talk. Each day we get a few new words he's willing to try and I will finally understand what he's talking about. My favorite new word is, "danger". He can't really say the "g" yet but he is very careful in pronouncing the rest. I also love his saying, "Toby". He says it perfect and it's so cute.

We are finally home after a week in Bodega Bay. It was beautiful and exhausting. Many of the days were overcast and foggy but the sunshine came out when my parents arrived on Thursday. We went hiking, strolled on the beach, collected rocks and sea glass, and lazed about. At night we would watch the foxes come onto the deck to get the scraps we left.

Other than words we found that our oldest is tall enough to open all the doors. He immediately employed this talent when we got home. He also figured out how to use his mechanical grabber arm to turn on and off the light switch for which he is too short by half a foot to reach by himself.

Here are a few pictures of out trip:

We love sour cream!

Playing in the sand with Papa at Salmon Creek.

A visitor at dusk. We had three of them come by every night.

My mom and our baby enjoying the sun on Salmon Creek Beach.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Serving God

“You are as much serving God in looking after your own children, and training them up in God’s fear, and minding the house, and making your household a church for God, as you would be if you had been called to lead an army to battle for the Lord of
hosts.” C.H. Spurgeon

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mondays of Gratitude

We are in beautiful Bodega Bay. It is truly marvelous watching the ocean crash on the rocks and the pelicans dive into the bay after fish.

Both our boys are doing well sleeping at night in a strange place and I am so thankful.

Rest and peace for us all this week.