Sunday, September 23, 2012

Exercises in Futile Thought, or Why The Heck am I Thinking that Way.

"What if..."

My biggest pet peeve. Sure, it's great to think that way if you're a scientist or a story writer, but for the rest of us if we change an event in our lives we change everything after that. That's free will. God will work with whatever path we put ourselves on. We are not destined to do something or be someone. We can change the direction of our lives with every action we take.

Say I wish we had waited a year to have children. I would never have had my two boys. I may have had other children but not the two I have now. Or what if having my children saved my life in some way. I could have been involved in a traffic accident or encountered some crazy person at work.

Even changing harmless things changes the whole world. I could have taken a right instead of going straight and arrived home sooner than expected.

I could have filled my gas tank up at a different gas station and never seen a man have a heart attack.

I could have not volunteered to help IT at my work and never fallen down the stairs and have my ankle ruined.

Dwelling on "what if" can have some very undesirable outcomes. It's probably best to try and be happy with what you've gone through in life and forge ahead.

"If only they could experience the same thing I went through."

If you really think about this one you can see how pointless it is to reminisce on this topic. Even if the person had the exact same experience their interpretation of that experience would be completely different. So maybe you only want them to empathize with you. Maybe they will or maybe they will look at you with contempt for being so weak, lazy, or stupid. We have to remember that no one is identical to ourselves. They were raised differently, they had other experiences, their temperament is different, they feel more pain, they feel less pain, etc. Many delve down this thought path purely for revenge, but should we not keep in mind God? We all have a path to follow that God has given us. Everyone else is on a different path.

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  1. You are spot on with this subject matter; something I struggle with as well. It is an exercise in futility. And again, one isn't really trusting God to direct one's path. We are who we are not only because of the experiences we've had, but because God has directed our paths. Every day, I have to let go of the kind of thoughts you express here and remember that God is in charge of my life. Good post CT.