Monday, September 10, 2012

Mondays of Gratitude

Words, words, words! My oldest is finally starting to talk. Each day we get a few new words he's willing to try and I will finally understand what he's talking about. My favorite new word is, "danger". He can't really say the "g" yet but he is very careful in pronouncing the rest. I also love his saying, "Toby". He says it perfect and it's so cute.

We are finally home after a week in Bodega Bay. It was beautiful and exhausting. Many of the days were overcast and foggy but the sunshine came out when my parents arrived on Thursday. We went hiking, strolled on the beach, collected rocks and sea glass, and lazed about. At night we would watch the foxes come onto the deck to get the scraps we left.

Other than words we found that our oldest is tall enough to open all the doors. He immediately employed this talent when we got home. He also figured out how to use his mechanical grabber arm to turn on and off the light switch for which he is too short by half a foot to reach by himself.

Here are a few pictures of out trip:

We love sour cream!

Playing in the sand with Papa at Salmon Creek.

A visitor at dusk. We had three of them come by every night.

My mom and our baby enjoying the sun on Salmon Creek Beach.

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