Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Family trip to Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay was beautiful.  Here are some pictures from our trip:

We stopped on the trip over for groceries and the boys were sharing.

Our little shade fly at Goat Rock beach. It was closer to the rock but a seagull knocked some hefty rocks and they fell on our shade fly. You can't see it from here but there was a big rip where the two rocks landed.

Chasing birds on the beach.

Digging in the sand.

Hauling beach firewood around.

You can see the hole in the shade fly. The rocks also ripped down the netting. It was a bit scary.

Seaweed and a jelly fish. They looked like crystals out of the water.

Enjoying the sun, wind and sand at Salmon Creek.

Pretty blue eyes of our baby.

Our talker. 

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