Thursday, September 27, 2012

Something I Never Dreamed Would Happen

I woke up around 2am to kicking on the walls and our oldest crying. I went to his room to calm him from what I thought might be a nightmare only to discover that all my efforts were futile because he was actually throwing a temper tantrum. Try as I might I could not calm him. I tried picking him up but he arched back and screamed louder. I tried rocking him but he slithered a bit to the floor. I tried putting his feet on the floor (something I never do at night because I don't want him running around) and he keeled over crying wanting to be in my arms. I asked if he wanted milk, "No." I asked if he wanted Papa, "No." (That's really strange if you know my child). After a few more questions and all negative replies I decided I would have to bring him into out bed, but just before opening our bedroom door I decided to give warm milk a try without asking my child if he wanted it. It was a success and he drank it all. Back to bed we went, him to his crib and me to my bed.

After almost two years of night wakings to care for a child, a temper tantrum is a first to wake up to.

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