Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blatherings on Going Against Cultural Norms

Lately, I've been reading a lot of modest blogs, mom blogs, patriarchy type blogs, and anti-feminist blogs. It seems to be very prominent in some Protestant circles with the occasional Catholic one thrown in there for good measure.

I truly enjoy reading the feminine quality of the writing, thoughts, and ideals. It seems as though the more limits we put on our sexual/fallen nature, the more we thrive as children of God. A beauty is released of purity, innocence, and grace. Virtues are able to come out.

I've been lectured at school, by co-workers, and friends about the dangers of Patriarchy and it's suppression of women. I've been lectured on the freedoms women have been given by throwing off the shackles of male domination.

The thing is is that I don't think we're all that better off and in a lot of ways things are worse. I'm sick and tired of feminine qualities being squashed because they're feminine. I'm tired of the endless questions of when will I be going back to work so I can have the chance to get away from my kids. Or the looks of pity for not going higher with my education, as if I lost the respect of my friends and family. It really bothers me that higher education, degrees, and a career is thought of as superior to marriage, children and running a household.

I think we have lost a lot in this modern culture of women working while others watch their children. We've lost skills that our grandmothers knew like proper care of a home, cooking, child rearing, and even entertaining. We seem to lack the understanding of how you make a house turn into a home.

I admire the positive qualities and attributes of systems like a Patriarchy. Where it is designed to appeal to the man's protective nature and the woman's nurturing one. Where we are taught to love God by example of our living.

I admire the constraint of modesty. Where women wear skirts and cover their hair. It makes my fingers itch to make aprons to cover a pretty frock so it's not stained by sticky fingered children or bleached by properties in some cleaners.

I propose a return to femininity, modesty, and respect of men. I want a clean home with hearty food on the table at every meal. I want pretty feminine touches throughout the house of my making or design. I want love, joy, and laughter to ring out each day where all are loved and respected.

I will try to catalog my efforts here on this blog as often as I can. I have a lot to learn of knowledge that has been lost by our generation. Hopefully, what I learn will help others too.

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