Thursday, October 11, 2012


Yesterday I tried to eat something with wheat in it for the first time in six months. I had a yummy slice of carrot cake I made for my mom's birthday. And for dinner I had chicken fried pork chops with vegetables and mashed potatoes. It was all delicious as my mom's cooking usually is. I enjoyed every bite. Sadly, my allergies kicked in a couple hours later and I had a stuffy, runny nose, sinus headache, and stomach pains.

I found out during Lent that if I don't eat grains, I can sleep without tons of allergy meds and sinus sprays. I tested out my theory a few times and every time my allergies returned with the eating of wheat (sadly, this includes the host at communion), including products that are "gluten free". I seem to be allergic to the plant not just the gluten. Also, it's not so much my digestive system that suffers as it is my sinuses. I sneeze, get congested, can't breathe through my nose, and constantly have to blow my nose. My eyes itch and I get headaches.

So, I swore off eating wheat and all grains, like rice and corn. I've eaten a few things with corn and seem to be fine. I've also eaten a few things with rice and done okay too. But that wheat is my enemy. I feel like I've got a cold but only in my nose, eyes, and sinuses. Stupid wheat. Darn, I had hoped we could be friends again.

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