Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fabric problems

I have come to the realization that while I love sewing, completing projects and buying patterns, I have a horrible time buying fabric. I have boxes of patterns and scores of books and not a thing to sew. I am completely unable to buy fabric, probably because it is so expensive. My limited cash supply has me quaking at the thought of paying more than $2 per yard, which was what I was paying to make my Renfaire garb when I was an actor doing nobles. Upholstery fabric is easily bought in the clearance section of our local upholstery warehouse for just that amount.

It was commonly taught that to make your own clothes was less expensive than buying it ready made. That can't really be said anymore. If we're comparing high end store prices to what you can make than yes, it is cheaper to make your own clothes. Unfortunately, I shop at Walmart and Target for my clothes. I can buy a shirt for $9 and a pair of pants for $10. I can't even come close to that price in the cost of supplies and time. I shudder to think what the people are paid who make these clothes.

I think my other problem is that I'm nervous about fabric choice in the construction of the garment. I'm used to wearing upholstery fabrics for clothes I've made and the fashion fabrics you're supposed to use in clothing seem so fragile.

I'm scared of messing up and ruining fabric. I hate the price of fabric. I'm clueless when it comes to selecting appropriate fabric. I need a sewing buddy to put me on track and keep me there.

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