Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Simplicity is key

I was given a beautiful china cabinet the other day and ended up giving my other china cabinet to a friend. This new cabinet is smaller and I also wanted to be a little better about what I put in the cabinet and not just cramming everything I had in there.

I picked my favorite items and carefully displayed them. On the left is a pretty teapot, creamer and sugar bowl with four tea cups. In the middle are my figurines. The top shelf are from my childhood with my baby cup. The middle shelf is from my adult life and marriage. The couple to the right are from my wedding cake. And a little swedish wedding cup from a friend is behind. Mary with child and lamb sit on the bottom shelf reminding me of my vocation (my oldest loves this figurine). To the right are my wedding flowers, cup for my youngest and all my flower vases that I use from time to time.

This picture is all the other stuff that was in the old china cabinet that's not going back in the new one. I'm going to pack it up and keep it in storage until it's needed. Add to all this stuff a complete 6 place china set for 12 and you can see how overloaded I was.

Many of us want to have everything on display because it has important to us and we also want to make sure that the people who gave us a gift know how important it is to us. But if our stuff becomes clutter because it is too overwhelming then it is just contributing to a mess and therefore causing stress. My mother always said, "a messy house is a messy mind." and that is so true. I think much better when everything is put away and in it's place. When things are simple and displayed well I enjoy them much more.

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