Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I made an apron for myself. I was really tired of ruining my clothes while cleaning and thought an apron was a very sensible approach to this problem.

At Halloween I bought every apron pattern I liked at least a little and contemplated what I thought I would like.

I love the TV show Avonlea and other sorts of Edwardian styled shows. I decided a full apron that went to my ankles and had pockets would be best. I had some material I bought ages ago that I though would be appropriate. I was all set.

I cup out my pieces. I ironed my fabric and set the pattern properly being careful of my grain lines. I pinned, cut, interfaced, ironed, and tailor tacked my pieces. I sewed, notched, clipped, and ironed and ironed again. Every direction was heeded and I even added a bit of rick-rack on the pockets. It was beautiful.

Then came the point where I tried it on. It didn't fit at all. It was a princess seamed garment. I don't know how to correctly modify the bust line of a princess seam garment. I have lot of books on the subject of pattern drafting and modification but until I do it successfully myself, it's not happening.

What exactly is the problem? The apex of the bust on the apron is five (5) inches higher than my bust apex. Suggestions by my mom and friends were to bring the bodice down so it lined up but then I had no protection for my shirt which was the whole point of this project.

So, I did what most crafters do, I'm giving it to a friend that it fits.

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