Friday, November 23, 2012

Gluten Free

Since Halloween I've dabbled in consuming sweets that have had wheat in them. The results were never fun and a consistent pattern was that not only would I snore at night but I would get a migraine about 5-10 minutes after eating it. (Joke: migraine:my grain)

For Thanksgiving my lovely cousin brought "gluten-free" crackers. I've been trying to avoid the "gluten-free" money train because of the processed-ness of the food item and the sugar spike from the ingredients.

I have to say they were quite delicious and I ate far more than was polite. The cheese ball with bacon all over it was my undoing. Boy was it yummy.

So, tentatively I'll give gluten-free processed foods a try provided I don't start gobbling up hordes of food because I can't stop myself.

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