Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wanting to Live a Sustainable Life

I've been trying to learn all about living a more sustainable life (homesteading, farming, cloth diapers, canning, line drying, gardening, etc.). It's all very fascinating but my husband is not so interested. He finds all this old fashioned stuff to be a bit of a nuisance and always wants to know why I want to do... I'm sure he considers it unnecessary for the world we live in.

As I talked with my potential sister-in-law at lunch today I realized that she too is very interested in this lifestyle. It got me thinking about why I'm interested in all of this.

For me, I want to learn these skills now, not later. I don't want the world to go crazy and suddenly find myself trying to live with less and less help from the government and big box stores we are so dependent on. Shows like Revolution really hit me in that I feel like I need to learn these survival skills now.

I also feel like the path our nation is on is so far removed from reality that it's time to get back in touch with what our ancestors knew on a daily basis. Knowing how to can and preserve food for winter is very useful. Growing food is a way to save money on our food bill. Using cloth diapers gives me a skill to care for my children without needing to resort to the paper diapers in the stores. Knowing that my meat that I eat comes from an animal. Knowing that I can survive on my abilities is very satisfying.

I hope I can learn enough skills that if I'm ever in a disaster that calls upon said skills, I won't drown in helplessness or frustration.

Here is a great video that is food for thought:

Joel Salatin — Folks This Ain't Normal! from Ancestral Health Society on Vimeo.

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