Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Speed Reading

I've been listening and watching a seminar called Super Hero You. It was very good. Jim Kwik hosted the event and made several mentions that he teaches speed reading but then never covered it. Finally, two weeks after the seminar is over he released his talk on speed reading.

This is so cool. I tested at 204 words a minute in the beginning. Then, halfway through his talk he tested us again having us use two of the techniques he described. Whoa. I came in at 348 words per minute.

I didn't change much at all. First, I used my finger to track the words on the page so I wouldn't reread stuff. And second I held the book upright where I could see it better. All this while juggling a nursing baby in my lap. Had I not had the distraction of the child I don't know where I would be in terms of speed.

I haven't tested with the third piece of advice which is to use the right side of your brain by tracking with your left hand. With practice I'll get better and better. :)

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