Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fashion fun

I really enjoy Project Runway. I'm not that enamored with the effeminate nature of many of the men and the butchiness of some of the women, but that's not why I watch the show. I love the creative process these people have to go through. The challenges are so fun and really force the designers to think outside of the box with a very limited amount of time to put their idea together.

It was a toss up during the latest episode as to what design I liked most. Uli's dress was flowy and flattering. Joshua's dress was modest, feminine and cute. I really liked the 1950s cocktail style he used.

I didn't care too much about Emilio's dress simply because it looked badly constructed.

Anthony Ryan's dress was awful. The worst thing you can do to a woman is give her a uni-boob. Ugh. And they thought the dress was fabulous. I don't get it. Maybe it looked better in person.

I know from personal experience that if you are bustier wearing a strapless empire waist dress is going to make you look huge and all uni-boob. Bustier girls like me usually prefer our chest to be separate and two in the bust department. Anthony Ryan should have put her in a wrap dress that separated her bust, thereby reducing the appearance of excessive mass. She would have looked much more comfortable too.

End of my little rant. I hope I see better dresses from him in the future.

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