Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gluten Free Cafe Chocolate Chip Cookies

I tried a gluten free chocolate chip mix to make some cookies. Lets just say they aren't very good. The box says All Natural and while I used real ingredients (butter, organic egg, and whole organic milk) they did not.

Raw the dough tasted a little strange and the texture was weird. I baked them and noticed a distinct lack of aroma. Usually when I bake the whole house smells like it. This did not fill my house with smells (good or bad).

When I removed them from the oven I noticed they looked like oatmeal cookies when you use quick oats.

I took a bite and realized what exactly they smelled and tasted like, sawdust. Yuck is all I can say. My toddler will eat them and ask for more but I think that's the sugar talking.

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