Monday, January 7, 2013

Some interesting results

We're all different. We react to foods in different ways. My husband got me a glucometer for Christmas to help me with my health. I found that the way my body reacts to be slightly different than what I expected.

1. My body is doing a good job at controlling my blood sugars.
2. Potatoes spike my blood sugars worse than bread, but not by much.
3. Bread is pretty bad on my blood sugar levels.
4. Fruit doesn't spike my blood sugar, but after two hours I become hypoglycemic.
5. Bacon is my friend. My blood sugars remain stable and even improve over time.

The fruit surprised me. I didn't know it would do that. No wonder I feel famished after eating fruit. And just an FYI, I can polish off 5 lbs of mandarines from my parent's tree (organic with no pesticides) in less than an hour and still want more.

As I use this little tool, I wonder what else I will discover.

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