Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Things

Life has been pretty good these past few days. No longer are we down with colds or the flu.

The toddler has figured out the sliding glass door and how to operate the spigot. Let's just say I heard the water in the walls and found my toddler had escaped outside through the slider and was playing with the hose. I'd love to let him run free outside but the dirt looks like a construction zone and we have no grass.

The baby is commando crawling everywhere. Last week he crawled up onto the entry landing. Yesterday he made it from laying on the floor to kneeling to standing. Today I notice he got into a sitting position by himself. He's quick too.

Last week my husband's sister had her third child. A healthy baby boy. I just finished a snuggly blanket just for him and I can't wait to give it to them. I was going to make it for our baby but we moved while I was pregnant and I lost the project in the garage. I found it at Christmas and I merged two of my projects together. The blanket is crochet but I really dislike how hole-y they can be when you're using them. I found some soft flannel that I was going to quilt into a blanket and ended up backing the crochet and quilting them together. It's snuggly and soft and so pretty.

I'm reading Call the Midwife. So far, from what I've read in the book, they've done a great job at translating it in the TV series. Season two starts on March 31st and I can't wait. What a charming series.

In two days the Pope will resign. I'm sad that his health has slowed him down. Pope Benedict XVI took great strides in bringing back much of the glory and beauty of the church. I love that we have better access to the TLM. I'm glad they're investigating why vocations in the US have been low, especially in the groups who gave up their habits. I pray that Conclave is a meditative time for the Cardinals and that they are able to elect a successor who will continue to bring strength and unity to the Catholic church.

Here are a few pictures of the blanket I finished.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I've been struggling. I admit that I'm not very good at doing things for me. I need to eat healthier and lose weight, yet I find myself sabotaging my efforts. I get to the point where I give up trying to be good and go the opposite direction by indulging in every craving. It drives me crazy.

I hear people say, "Do the right thing for your health. You deserve it."

While that might be true, it feels weird to use that motivation. It's as if I'm indulging in pride or something. "I deserve it." Me, me, me.

I've tried again and again to follow that advice, but it's never worked out. Then I realized that maybe I've got to work with my priorities.

I usually put myself last, being a mom and all. As I thought about it I figured I needed to go right to the top. God it my #1 priority. If I can't do it for me, I need to do it for God. And I can use his strength and Will to get me through it.

This Lent is going to be hard, but I'm going to do it for God. Through him all things are possible.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A New Bed

Our toddler has been upgraded to a big boy bed as of February 1st. I was a little nervous about it because I wasn't sure what he would do about it.

For a few months now he has taken weekly naps at my parent's house on a mattress on the floor. Not once has he fallen out. He was escaping right away or locking himself in, but that was solved with my mom's old trick of wedging the door shut with a wash cloth.

My husband and I decided to upgrade to a king size bed and give out queen size to our big boy. We put everything on the floor and he was pretty cool about it. He went down for bed three nights in a row without protest, complaint, or hopping in and out of bed. In the morning he hopped out of bed and let himself out. He went down for his afternoon nap the same as always and except for one instance of playing with the light switch, he took a nap.

No falling out of bed yet and only one nighttime waking. I'm so thankful he's doing so well.