Sunday, June 9, 2013

Painful discovery

My husband and I along with our two boys made the trek to the Valhalla Renaissance Festival in Tahoe. It was beautiful though scorching. Down in the Sacramento valley it was a lovely 110 degrees. Up in the mountains it was in the 90s, very rare. We had lunch from a vendor but since the boys refused the fare we bought I ended up eating what was left, consisting of mostly wheat noodles. 

In the past year and a half I think I've had wheat about three times. And all was fine until we went home. 

A decent of 7,000 ft is not normally a problem for me when I make sure I yawn a lot. But despite all my yawning the wheat I ate for lunch had made my sinuses swollen. At about 2,000 ft and again at 1,000 ft my head exploded with pain from the pressure. It felt like an ice pick in my sinuses and I was sure my eyes were going to start bleeding. Or maybe it could be described as a fire ant crawling around my sinuses. Whatever. It was horrible. I've got to remember that eating wheat is not worth it. 

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