Wednesday, July 31, 2013

End of Summer

Summer is almost over and I've finally entered my 2nd Trimester. I've had many days with my niece and nephew and we've been going over school work to help them get a little ahead before the new school year begins in 3 weeks. My niece and I are covering some interesting human anatomy videos in regards to nutrition. It is so interesting and worth the time to listen. Here is the first video by the late Barry Groves called Homo Carnivorus. And the second video I'm going to have her watch is by Zoe Harcombe from the Wise Traditions convention in London called The Obesity Epidemic.

My nephew is happily practicing his handwriting skills up in the kitchen. At the beginning of the summer he told me it was insulting that I was having them practice their penmanship. Then I introduced him to a fountain pen and a well of ink and his mom is hard pressed to get him to put them down so he can go home with her a few hours later. I'll have to remember this trick when my boys are at the stage of learning to write. Something is so cool about an ink well and a pen that needs to be dipped in it.

I found out just last week that my parents are getting air conditioning in their home. This is a revolution! My mom has been begging my dad for an air conditioner for decades. All the years of growing up we only ever had a swamp cooler. Which is fine if the temp doesn't go over 90 degrees and it's not humid. In June we had bizarre weather where it got really cold, rained a lot, then went to over 100 degrees in the space of 5 days. It was not at all cool. The swamp cooler did nothing to cool the house down. So, my dad finally relented and is getting air put in this coming weekend. I'm so excited for them.

Mid month I go to book club but have yet to read the book. We're going to read Orson Scott Card's book Ender's Game. My mom said it was really good and hopefully I'll get to it before book club starts.

At the very end of the month we are taking a vacation to Bodega Bay. This is going to be a big challenge for me. The first half of the trip we will be roughing it by camping. It's not very appealing to me since I'll be almost half done with my pregnancy. I hate trying to get off the floor from an air mattress when I'm not pregnant. Add to that, I'll have two little boys on hand to keep busy and make sure naps happen. The second half of the trip will be at my husband's great-aunt's beach house in Bodega Bay. We go there every year and have figured out how to make everything work for the most part. We won't get into the beach house for a few days because my husband's family will be joining us and some of the family have already claimed the beach house. So, we are camping for three days.

Two days after our return from our camping trip I'm having a bridal shower at my house for my soon to be sister-in-law, on my husband's side. She's very sweet and I've promised to have a cake and places for everyone to sit. I hope I have enough chairs.

There is much more on my plate but that is what is coming up this next month and I'm tired just thinking about it. I hope the end of summer is not as hectic for everyone else.

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