Friday, July 5, 2013

Potty training

What a difficult thing it can be. Our oldest has never cared if he had a dirty diaper. It didn't bother him one bit to be wet or poopy. We used cloth all the time, rarely using disposables. A common benefit of cloth diapers is earlier potty training because the child can feel when he's wet. 

When our second child came along when he was 18 months old, I thought it would be a good idea to start potty training. We took it pretty easy and he would use the potty on an infrequent basis. Rarely would he say anything about needing to go and asking if he needed to go potty resulted in, "no".

At the beginning of this year we got into a regular schedule of him going potty just before going to bed at night. He got carob chips for successes and loved it. We also started getting him to use the potty in the mornings, occasionally, and before taking his afternoon nap. However, we were still getting poopy diapers and wet diapers. I was getting frustrated and stopped cloth diapering almost altogether. 

It's been over a year now so I've decided to change tactics on potty training. We are trying the naked method. It's hot enough here that it's no problem to keep him bare all day long. The first day he had one accident but managed the rest of the time to make it to the potty. We diapered him for a nap and after the nap when I took the diaper off he threw a huge temper tantrum, telling me over and over again, "Diaper On!" He screamed and cried and threw himself on the floor. He was very mad he couldn't wear his diaper. I took it as an excellent sign that it might work. He cared. 

Yesterday, I noticed he was needing to go to the potty. He didn't want to go and was holding it in. I pretty much had to carry him to the bathroom. Once on the potty he started getting really mad that he had to pee and even tried to stop it from happening. But, that's not how the body works as I'm sure he'll find out if he ever tries to stop breathing or stop blinking. 

This is his fourth day and we're doing alright. He's gotten used to not wearing a diaper during the day and is responding to our questions of needing to go to the potty. I'm hoping that by the end of summer we can have him in underwear for most of the day without accident. 

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