Sunday, August 25, 2013

Belly Musings

I realized today that I definitely look pregnant. I'm 17 weeks and I keep expecting to have this huge belly, like 8 months pregnant belly, but I haven't. Today, my belly is out to where my chest is. I'm kinda happy about it. On the other hand, it's getting to be more challenging to put on shoes and lift my knees up. Before I ever got pregnant with my first child I thought I wouldn't have a problem with putting on my shoes when pregnant. I did not take into consideration that when you are very pregnant your belly is both low and wide. The wide part often prevents you from reaching anything as your belly suddenly touches your thighs in a most immovable way. There is no way around it. Then you're doing awkward side grabs in a squat to reach things.

I'm not there yet.

I think what it is is that although the baby is still really little and low, all of my organs are being forced upwards. That upwards motion is making my belly stick out up top, just under my bust. So, now I have two bumps: the baby bump (way down low) and the everything else bump (above my waist line). It's weird.

Something that is making things challenging is that a few days ago I fell down the stairs. Well, I sort of slipped on a step and thumped my way down a few on my bottom. It didn't feel good. I'm sure I cracked my tailbone. I also have a lovely bruise on my forearm where I tried to catch my fall. I wasn't bleeding or leaking fluid so I didn't go to the ER. All I could think of was the sarcastic comment in my head saying, "What? You think they're going to put your butt in a sling? Doubtful." One of the recommendations was to sleep on your stomach as much as possible. I laughed at that. I haven't been able to sleep on my stomach since before I got pregnant with my first child. It's truly impossible if you are pregnant or nursing. Both are too painful to contemplate.

A few more weeks and I'll be halfway through this pregnancy. I'm both excited and terrified. I wonder how I'll figure out taking care of so many little ones at once. Right now my boys are just fascinated with my belly. They poke it and stick their fingers in my belly button. They laugh, run away, come back, and poke it some more. I'm sure Pilot will be giving it kisses as soon as he can feel the baby kick. That is my favorite part of the pregnant belly, sibling love.

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