Monday, August 5, 2013

Cravings and More Cravings

I don't understand why I don't control myself. For the longest of times I was able to avoid all grains including wheat, corn and rice. 

Yesterday, I admitted to my husband my intense desire for sushi. Last week I had sushi, tempura shrimp and cooked crab, almost every day. It has rice in it. I suspect my cravings are really about eating fish and deriving the fish oils and fat that are present in the rolls. Sadly, sushi is made with rice. Total fail on my part. My husband cooked some halibut but for some reason cooked fish is so unappealing right now and I'd rather go for a long walk outside and let the house air out. Raw fish is a big craving of mine right now. Sigh...if only I weren't pregnant. 

Today, I ate a bean burrito with sour cream from Taco Bell. They used to be my absolute favorite when I worked at Taco Bell and for years after until I stopped eating wheat. 

How do I feel now? A few hours ago all I wanted to do was lay down, not move, and maybe throw up. My stomach was cramping badly. Is it because my stomach is tiny or do I have a food allergy? I think I need to consult my GP and see if there is a way to find out what I'm allergic to when I'm pregnant. Does pregnancy throw tests off?

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