Friday, August 9, 2013

Maternity Clothes

Now that I'm on my third pregnancy I'm not in much need for maternity clothes. I have a good sized collection of clothes that can get me through every season. However, I do not have party clothes in maternity. I have a wedding to attend in October and I'll be about 6 months pregnant. I want to look nice but I'm having a very challenging time finding something suitable in the stores.

Yesterday, I enlisted the help of my mom in searching for a dress. I told her I was looking for a dress that went from below my knee to my ankles. I wanted sleeves (or sleeve caps) and I wanted something that wasn't low cut. That doesn't sound very hard.

Hahaha. I can hear the fashion designers laughing at me from here.

My mom was shocked at the dresses that are available. I could hear her mutter, "What pregnant woman wants to wear stripes?" and "Why are all the models in sexy poses?"

I smiled at her comments which kept me from getting frustrated in our search.

By the end of the day we found a few nice dresses but they were hundreds of dollars and from the UK or Lithuania.

Someone needs to do something about the maternity fashions that are available. For women like me who want something cute but modest, it seems to be nearly impossible to find something decent. I should probably make my own dress but I'm cautious as most of the outfits I've made in the past, for myself, haven't looked that great.

If anyone has some good places to find nice, modest maternity clothes, I'd love to hear from you.

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