Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Year of Faith

This post is a bit random in thought but I'll try to be a clear as I can be.

It has been a very hard year of Faith so far for so many. We have Pope Benedict XVI who stepped down and Pope Francis ascend. The media has gone crazy both loving and hating our new pope. The laity and religious have been frustrated by Pope Francis's spontaneity. No one knows what is going to be happening anymore in the church. This is why we must remember it is the Year of Faith. We must have Faith in our church, our leaders, and our neighbors in the pew. It is so hard to have trust when we don't know or understand what is going on. It feels like the blind is leading the blind.

I think differently than most people based on my personality style of INTJ. Only 2% of the population thinks the way I do and only 1% are women. I'm just odd but I think my lack of emotional investment/thinking in this may be useful.

I've been trying really hard to not judge Pope Francis's style of how he is to be Pope. It's certainly not the way I would be pope (if I were male and in the position to be so). His viewpoint is very very different than mine. I see the trappings of the office as a helpful and useful tool to the operations of the office. What I see as a help to his office, Pope Francis probably sees as cumbersome and awkward, and there are real and serious problems in the church that may be better serviced and dealt with without those trappings.

Many are trying to see Pope Francis as straight in line with Pope Benedict XVI and beg people to give him further thought and consideration. Others see Pope Francis as a Liberal, tramping around changing everything. I don't know what he is or is not. He is a very holy person and works hard to do his job.

It used to be that the term Liberal was considered to be a person who was not afraid to try something new. Today the term Liberal means something else entirely. If we apply the old term of Liberal to Pope Francis I think we can better understand him. New things must be tried sometimes when the old ways don't work. We shouldn't throw away the old ways but learn why they didn't or don't work.

We must also remember that this papacy and probably the next few will be difficult with our changing social interactions. I'm pretty sure the papacy became rather difficult when the printing press was developed. Now we have computers and all of them interconnected. Never before have there been so many people involved in the way we think and learn information. This is a very wild and crazy time. Very much like a class 5 river. We need to be captained by someone who is not afraid to change course or make what we think is a mess. When things calm down, and they will, we can try our old ways back on. Perhaps they will fit better than before. Maybe they will have to be set aside and new ways will take over. Nothing in this world ever stays the same. We must have Faith in our church, our leaders, and our neighbors. Change is scary but we must have trust.

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