Sunday, September 15, 2013

A very busy day.

Today was a challenge. 

This morning our family went to Mass. In the beginning of the mass our priest asks if there is anyone visiting so a rosary can be handed out. Just as all the intros were finished, a moment of silence happened before the father continued on. In that moment Pilot piped up in his extra loud toddler voice, "Mommy? I have to go to the bathroom." I'm sure my husband just died as the whole congregation chuckled. I whisked Pilot off to the bathroom only to have him not use the toilet as he suddenly did not need to go anymore. 

We returned and everything went smoothly until Hero didn't want to stay within the confines of the pew. He wanted out and wanted to roam, so off we went to the narthex. We stayed out there for a while until the handicap door opener button became a prime target of his interest. I hoped the wiggles were out enough and we headed back to the pew. Things didn't last long. Drama ensued when Hero was not allowed to crawl under the pew to the neighboring one and his daddy whisked him off to get more wiggles out. I stayed with Pilot, who decided he needed to fill the silence with his voice and tell me over and over again that we needed to go home. I collected our things during the distribution of Holy Communion and went back to the Narthex. Pilot was on a mission and dragged us outside by pushing buttons and having Hero thrilled at his chance for escape. 

Making it home was just fine. Silence descended on the car and when we got to our destination, Hero ate his banana and took a nap. I thought a trip to the park would be fun for Pilot and I but he had no interest in such matters. I pulled out the bubbles and we went the back yard but that wasn't a success either as he couldn't get the bubbles to stop popping. 

I was thankful when lunch rolled around and I could get Pilot to cooperate a bit. He tucked into his sandwich and I got Hero up from his nap. The boys ate and Pilot went down for his nap. By this time I was feeling fatigued over the drama of being two and settled down for the drama of a one year old. 

Then, hurray. My husband decided to go on a walk and took Hero with him. It was a welcome break from everyone for about 30 minutes. I got an inch on my knitting done and half an episode of Living Life with Dr Ray watched. 

At Hero's second nap time, in which he quietly played in his crib the whole time, I got my husband to watch the pilot episode of Covert Affairs. Haha! I'm hoping to convert him to watching it all. 

Nap time over for both I suddenly ran out of energy and begged my husband to please take over and let me take a nap. That being granted, as long as I left my electronics and books behind, I laid down in hopes to making it to dinner time. No such luck. Pilot picked off a scab, from trying to wear shoes that were too small, and bled all over the playroom. My husband trucked him off to the bathroom for doctoring and I cleaned up the crime scene. It was a bit funny, because I used the baby wipes to help clean up, and Hero saw them and thought I was going to change his diaper. He laid down and waited for me to do the changing and laid in the mess. Ugh. Now it was clean up the baby and the room. 

Dinner finally arrived and I got the boys hustled off to bed shortly thereafter. I realized that the house was too hot, I was chaffing and getting blisters, sweating, and feeling nauseous. I turned on the air conditioner thanking my lucky stars that we had it as I grew up with a swamp cooler which doesn't have quite the same effect. 

As I'm showering I muse on what I define family sizes to be. I was quite shocked. I know what current society deems them to be but mine are no where close. I laughed and thought I'd share:

Small family: 1-2 children
Mid sized family: 3-5 children
Large family : 6-11 children
Mega family: 12 or more

I wonder how my views will change the more children I have. 

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