Monday, September 9, 2013

Bodega Bay Family Trip 2013

At the very end of August through the first week of September our family went to Bodega Bay. It has been a fortunate circumstance that my husband's great aunt owns a beach house that she built a few decades back with three other ladies. None of them ever had any children, so all the extended families have been using the house as a sleep over place while going to visit the ocean and beach.

It's a very cozy little house with an amazing amount of room for people to sleep. While my husband and I did not sleep at the house until Labor Day, we camped at a nearby campground, the rest of the family bunked at the house. All in total we had 8 adults and 7 little kids (all under the ages of 4). It was a whirl wind of activity and so much fun was to be had.

It was a bit chilly at the campsite:

Here is a sweet photo of my father-in-law with Hero at the campsite:

All the older boy cousins in Hero's playard:

The girls decided they wanted to be in a picture as well so we caught all of the cousins but the 6 month old baby on the stairs: 

Then it was off to Salmon Creek Beach with Pilot in the lead:

Kites were flown:

Hero was tickled with the sand, he loved it so much:

Pilot enjoyed the water and the sand too (the water is about 55 degrees on a warm day - you need a wet suit to surf):

We adults sat around and supervised (my pregnant self is in pink):

Crab hunting and cooking:

Everyone had to go home to go to work but we stayed a few more days and my parents came to visit with us. Pilot and Hero were very happy to have more room:

When it was time for nap Hero was not amused:

We put a quiet movie on for Pilot who snuggled with his Papa:

For dinner Hero had some rice and showed off his funny faces:

Pilot loved this little horn hanging from the thermostat:

Playing Yahtzee after dinner:

A trip to Goat Rock beach the next day:

A last walk with Pilot before going home:

Protests were made about going home:

It all ended with a scenic drive home through Sonoma and Napa Valley:

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  1. What fun!! Isn't it wonderful that cousins can be together for an event like this? Everyone looked like they were having so much fun. Love the photos.