Thursday, October 10, 2013

Social Media Insanity

I read this article and was horrified at how far things have fallen. You can read it here:

Am I surprised at this turn of events? Based on my own experiences of school back in the 80s and 90s, no I am not. I am thankful that the internet as we know it didn't enter my world until I was in college and I was 21. It was not the social media world we have now but you could still get into trouble reading inappropriate stories. 

What I am surprised by is the lack of protection for our youth. Everyone seems to conclude that we cannot bar the young from such activities. Those in authority seem to have no authority in sexual matters. This is wrong. A child is still a child and should be protected, even if it means protecting them from themselves. We know this instinctively with a toddler who is learning to walk and climb. We child proof our homes in an effort to prevent certain death. As the child draws closer to adulthood, they may look and act like adults but they are not. They have new hormones to deal with and mentally process. Their brains are lacking the full connections an adult possesses. Like the toddler who doesn't comprehend why you won't allow them to kill themselves, the young adult mind cannot comprehend the consequences of their actions. We ask them, "What were you thinking?" when they do something stupid, and it's not exactly their fault they didn't predict the outcome of their behavior correctly. Those connections aren't there yet. 

As adults, with fully formed connections in our brains and experience on our side, we should be able to foresee to a greater degree the consequences of actions and behaviors of those we are responsible for. If we have the legal right, we should give our children an environment that is conductive to learning without getting burnt. Trial by fire is not working for these children. They are becoming callous and cruel. The lack of morals are astonishing. 

What we want our children to be as adults must be taught. They will not suddenly become that way by expectation. Every lesson builds upon the last giving them a clear understanding of who they are and will be. Leaving them to "discover themselves" is only a recipe for disaster and, quite possibly, the death of their souls. 

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