Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Common Core

What are the agendas behind the Common Core Curriculum? Here is an interesting read of material straight from the Common Core versus a Catholic National Reader from the 1800s:

Where is virtue in the Common Core? Where are faith and morals? It used to be that the school system made proactive steps to instill moral lessons in every activity. It seems that morals, virtue and faith are no longer Politically Correct and are therefore to be avoided. Replacing these inconveniences with "reality". Really?!

I watched an interview with Temple Grandin where they briefly discuss Reality TV. She made a very astute observation that reality tv is based on kicking the weak down and the strongest, most devious to win. Survivor is a huge example of this. Rather than help the weak and protect them, they become a commodity. Used and tossed aside when no longer of value. This reminds me of Communism where people are only considered valuable if they contribute monitarily to society. The weak and disabled are considered a hindrance and something to be removed, like a cancerous tumor. 

I think it is important to give high honor to values, faith, and morals. All benefit from these behaviors and give society a stronger foundation to stand on. What if you trusted your neighbors? What if you had no fear of theft? What if you could rely on the help of a stranger in time of need? We still have this a little bit, but we are fast becoming a society that fears what the other may do. We are running out of trust for others. Reading the Common Core worksheets only gives reinforcement to that lack of trust in others and that fear of being hurt. How sad. 

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