Friday, November 1, 2013

All Saints Day

Happy All Saints Day!

What a beautiful morning we have to visit with the saints at mass. The boys are still sleeping but my husband and I are bustling about to get ready for the 8:30 am mass. Any other mass to attend would conflict with nap time or bedtime, so 8:30 am it is. I'm thinking of stopping by the cemetery on the way home to let the boys wander around and look at what and who is there. I haven't taken a ramble like that in years, so it should be interesting. Add to that that I've never visited our local cemetery before. I wonder how old it is. Probably not much more than 150 years. When I was in Germany for nine months, at the age of 19, I used to walk through the nearby cemetery often. It was beautiful, well kept, and more like a botanical garden than a cemetery. But, if you understand the local rules, it all makes sense. If your family does not care for the plot, you are unburied and the space is given to someone whose family will care for it. Very logical if you think of how old and crowded the burial grounds could be in Europe. 

Peace be with you all. 

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