Friday, December 13, 2013

Busy day full of boys...

Today ended up being interesting. My lower back really began to hurt, this morning, and I wondered if perhaps I hurt it picking up Hero. I hope not. The boys were pretty good for me, although they got up from their nap an hour early. My husband got home just in time for me to go to my ultrasound appointment and I rushed out of the door. I shouldn't have hurried. They called me 15 minutes late after requiring me to get there 15 minutes early on a full bladder. 30 minutes of waiting in an overheated office, a baby squirming, on a full bladder is not something I enjoy, ever. 

When I was finally called back, we got a good look at the baby. It is most definitely a boy, no doubt about that. The tech said he looked very healthy and in proportion. I'm measuring about 9 days ahead and the little guy is approximately 5 pounds. If that is so, I'm guessing he'll be very close to Hero's birth weight of 8 lbs 14 oz when I have the c-section, provided I don't become very ill and stop eating. 

When I returned home my husband was a bit frazzled and said he didn't know how I did it everyday caring for our two boys. They had been a handful while I was gone. I'm glad he got to see a little of what I deal with. It'll be interesting to add another boy to the mix. I'm sure they will be quite a gang when they get old enough for each other. It makes me wish we had some property so I could send them out to dig or build forts or chase each other til they drop from exhaustion. We'll see. They are still too young yet for much of that and circumstances may change where we would need to move. 

Happy feast of St Lucia. 

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