Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My 36th Birthday and OB Appointment

Yesterday was my 36th birthday. I think I'm weird because having birthdays never seems like a bad thing, as so many adults say it is, but rather I look forward to it with glee, as I did when I was a child. I just don't get the obsession of not getting older. Who wants to be stuck in the same place forever with no growth? That is what they are asking. I want to get better at things, but that also means I need to accept the failures that come with it and the passage of time to get there. So, 36 is a good thing for me. Now, I'm not so sure about 37 but that's because I'm not a big fan of prime numbers after 7. 

In the morning, before things got too busy, my boys were playing in the play room. It was cracking me up because Pilot kept putting the Bilibo on his back and stating he was a turtle. Then he would ask Hero to come sit on his back. Here is part of their adventure:

They make me smile with their enjoyment of each other. Pilot kept trying to get up with Hero on his back and trot like a pony, but I'm afraid Hero is nearly as heavy as Pilot and it just wasn't working. 

My parents came over just before lunch to spend some time with me for my birthday. It was really nice and they brought me a pretty sweater shirt with some Victorian flare. It's a nice rib knit and stretches beautifully. It also has a few tiers of ruffles on the bottom and sleeves that my boys love that help hide a bare pregnant tummy. What is it with these maternity clothes that show off the bottom of your stomach?

I quickly tried to show my mom the newest book my husband got me for my birthday. It's called The Tudor Child and is a follow up to The Tudor Tailor. If you know anything about these books it's that they are expensive at $60 each but so beautiful with historical details and patterns you can use. There are so many beautiful dresses for little girls in there, swaddling infants, and even maternity wear of the 16th century. 

Then, I had to leave my family and go to an OB appt. Just something I wanted to do on my birthday, get weighed while pregnant. Oh boy. I had a few skermishes in the parking lot and arrived a little breathless to find my doctor was 30 minutes behind. After an hour of waiting, I was finally called back. We found that I had lost almost a pound but that the baby grew a lot. I'm supposed to be measuring at 31 cm but came out between 36 and 37 cm. My OB rechecked me and has now given me a referral to have another ultrasound. Either, the baby is big, macrosomia, or I have too much fluid, polyhydramnios. Lovely. I can't imagine how much bigger my stomach would have measured if I had gained weight. 

Now, some might wonder why the heck I'm losing weight, while pregnant, and during the holidays, when it's common for the average person to gain at least 5 lbs. Well, it's not intentional, it's just that my diet has become very limited. Back when I was pregnant with Hero, I discovered I was allergic to grains. I've mentioned before about the issues I incur when I eat said grains. I haven't been very strict with myself this pregnancy and found that sleep was difficult from congestion and I was mentally muddled all the time. I finally gave up grains again in mid-October but was still sneezing, albeit less often. In the beginning of November I caught the free e-summit on Gluten and was blown away with so much interesting information. One thing I picked up was that dairy can mimic the proteins found in gluten and you can experience allergenic symptoms even if you're consuming no gluten but still have dairy in your life. So, I decided to stop dairy too and see how I fared. 

I was a little worried about taking out dairy. Milk was taking about 1/2 my calories a day and I needed a good substitute. So, I started making deviled eggs again with homemade mayonaise. Much to my surprise, my congestion cleared and the sneezing stopped. It is lovely to be able to breathe.

Then came Thanksgiving and the annual family visits to both sides. What was I going to eat? Not much. I did have dairy, but not much. At my parents, I brought green beans cooked with onions and bacon and some deviled eggs. I had those along with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and fruit. I ate a little cheesecake without the crust and that was it. Everyone else had stuffing, rolls, crackers, chips, dip, and pie. Then at my husband's get together, two days later, I had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, salad and pistachio ambrosia. All the cookies, pie, cake, pasta, rolls, stuffing and snacks had to be passed by. *sigh* It's a bit weird to be so different from everone else. 

So, I lost weight at the holidays. Do I hang my head in shame since I'm pregnant? I don't know. 

Now, it's off to start a new day, get an ultrasound appointment, take my husband to have a CT scan, and various other little to do tasks. 

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