Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 2 of Advent

Pilot cracks me up. In my husbands search for an extension cord for the Christmas lights, he came across a rubber band gun and gave it to Pilot to play with. Pilot was expressly told that if he shot anyone with it that he would lose the gun. He's done really well and has been chasing rubber bands all over the house. The best part is that he calls them, "rubby bands". I love it. 

No decorations are on our tree but the lights. Years before I got married, I bought a fake tree at Target for $25 (after Christmas sales can be pretty awesome). I have never cared for real Christmas trees as they are not only expensive but sticky, messy, and once they dry out they become a fire hazard. So, I have fake treed it for years now and am very happy. 

Pilot has determined that sleeping under the tree is a top priority. Or maybe he is pretending there is a tunnel to be crawled through. 

Yesterday, we got a little snow. By a little I mean that there was a bit of fluff/slush swirling around in the air. There wasn't even enough to make the ground change color. It was nice though. Where we live, we do not get snow. It's usually too warm and the elevation is too low. Today, was cold. It was in the 20s with clear skies. Our grass was crunchy and the van was frozen. My poor hydrangea suffered and has turned black. Tonight is supposed to be warmer so hopefully it survives. 

This week is a week of busy-ness. Tomorrow we have the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and I have a pretty blue candle to light. Each day at nap time we read out of a little blue book our church handed out for Advent. At night we are going to read the 3rd book of the Treasure Box books. Pilot loves them and follows the directions so well in the books. I just want to thank Cammie for doing a blogpost on them a while ago over at A Woman's Place. I love beautiful books and these are more than inspiring. I am hoping to also add the Neumann Press book Manners in God's House when they reprint it. 

This Friday, I have the ultrasound to do to see if the baby is big or that I have too much fluid. I also, have book club with my friends that evening and I can't wait to see them again and do a gift exchange. I have some pretty wrist warmers I made for the occasion. I hope they will find use for them. 

Hero has been doing so well these past few weeks. He's added quite a few words to his vocabulary and just today he included, "socks" and "carrot". I love how cute he sounds when he half says the words. Socks sounds like, "saaa" and hat sounds like, "haaa". Articulation will follow but until then I will enjoy his baby words. 

Happy 2nd week of Advent. 

Update: the blog post I mentioned on the Treasure Box books is mentioned here:

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