Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Day and a Half to go...

Not far to go now. In 38 hours I should have our newest baby in my arms, or at least on my chest. What I am not looking forward to? The c-section. I hate hospitals, I hate surgery, I hate drugs. I wish I could just skip all of that and be home with my baby. Alas, it is not to be so and I must endure all of that. 

I think this time I have a better perspective of what I need to bring with me and what to expect. 

With my first child it was an emergency 11 days before the due date. I was expecting Pilot to come on Thanksgiving or later (my mom was 10 days late with me and my brothers) and I was looking forward to an un-medicated labor and delivery. God had other plans. Recovery was not what I expected either as I shared my closet like room with multiple roommates. A nurse even made me cry by guilt tripping me on my baby's weight loss at 1am. So uncool. First time mommyhood is rough. 

The second delivery was also not what I expected. I was hoping for a VBAC but two days past due and the hospital had me in their clutches once more. At least that time I got a room of my own that I didn't have to share. All was fine but for a few nurses. One wouldn't give me my low dose pain meds unless I called for them and the other kept trying to give me wheat insisting that it wasn't wheat. 

This time I hope I'm more prepared. I plan on having a cooler with homemade deviled eggs, fruit, nuts, and water. I also plan on keeping track of when I'm allowed to have my pain meds. I don't do anything stronger than 800 mg of Motrin since I'm very sensitive to anything else. Then I plan on begging the doctor to release me as soon as possible. He thinks maybe Wednesday if all looks well. Cross my fingers and hope.

One thing racing around in my brain is how much weight will I lose. This, I think, is the most exciting thing, apart from the baby, that we women get to look forward to. I am officially 20 lbs lighter this pregnancy than I was with my last two. I started at the same weight with all my pregnancies but this one is amazing in how much I did not gain. I suspect I will get to my pre-pregnancy weigh by Valentines day and hopefully my wedding weight by Easter. My new diet has me wondering where my weight will stop during breastfeeding and where it will end when breastfeeding is over. My hands rub with glee as I indulge in some improper and immoral vanity. *sigh*

So, maybe to knock my vanity down a peg or two I should be honest and admit what I weigh. I'm 5'4" and should weigh between 108 lbs and 145 lbs. 

High school weight (1995) - 140 lbs
Military weight (1996) - 145 lbs (got in trouble for that a lot)
2001 weight - 188 lbs
2002 weight (Atkins) - 135 lbs
2004 weight (tore my ankle) - 165 lbs
2006 weight (started martial arts) - 185 lbs
2008 weight (got my black belt) - 165 lbs
Wedding weight (2009) - 160 lbs
Just pregnant weight (2010) - 175 lbs
Delivery weight (2010) - 224 lbs
Just pregnant weight (2011) - 175 lbs
Delivery weight (2012) - 224 lbs
Just pregnant weight (2013) - 175 lbs
This morning's weight (2014) - 203 lbs

All I changed was not eating dairy, like milk and cheese. I also don't eat grains, which includes wheat, oats, rice and corn. I keep my meals boring on purpose, so I get minimal cravings. We will see how I do. If I do well, you may start to see photos of me on my blog. Haha. 


  1. Oh!!! Praying for you! How exciting!

    And I wish I could whisk you away to the hospital here because my experience at the hospital in Michigan was so, so different from the hospital in California (which sounds a lot like yours). However, I do know that my planned c-section was really different from my other two when I'd been in labor for a long time and so I hope this one is easier for you two (because I know people I've talked to said that that's normal). The recovery was like a hundred times easier! Will definitely be praying (and excitedly waiting for news!)!

    1. Thank you Cam. I really appreciate all you prayers. I'm super jittery right now because in less than 23 hours it will all be done with. This will be my 2nd planned c-section (the first was an attempted vbac but no labor happened), so hopefully I will have figured out what I need.