Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A few more days

Five days. That's all that is left. On Monday I have the c-section and our newest little member will join the world of the living and breathing. I'm not sure how I feel about it. In a way I'd rather not mess with our family dynamic and have to alter routines to make everything work again but then I can't wait to have no more GERD or pubic bone pain. I've taken to not doing much in the way of contemplation of the future and have chosen instead to live more in the now. The future will come soon enough. 

Pilot is sweet and endearing. He's working hard on articulating himself and said quite a mouthful just yesterday, stating that he wanted the glockenspiel. He has his moments though. When he gets too tired and can't handle life anymore he goes from placid to tears, throwing stuff, and kicking walls or toys. He's thankfully never violent to people, only stuff. I will be so relieved when he is better able to deal with his emotions, wants, and needs. 

Hero is now Mr. Silly. He is constantly throwing himself into your arms from every perch. He has no fear which makes things challenging in trying to protect him from himself. It will be so interesting to see how he handles the new baby. I'm not worried too much about Pilot because he does so well with verbal commands but Hero could care less about what your orders are. He just wants to be at the center of it all. 

I love my boys and can't wait for the newest one to make his entance. 

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  1. Yes, children can be a handful, but remember -- these are the best days of your life. Really!! My children are all grown and gone and have children of their own; but, when God sends me a sweet dream, it is always about my little ones gathered around me. I long for these dreams, which come seldom, and revel in the joy they give me. God is good.