Sunday, January 26, 2014

How Wonderful to be a Woman

Soon, soon, soon. I cannot sleep, the baby flutter kicks in my tummy, and acid reflux is plaguing me. In less than 14 hours it will be over. 

As my husband and I said our prayers for the evening it struck me how much I love my vocation. It is a rightness I can feel. Having a dozen children wouldn't change mind. Society and modern culture run screaming away from responsibility, selflessness, and children. I'm told I should be feeling repressed, beaten down, and embittered. I feel none of those things, quite the opposite really. 

Growing up, I felt lost. I couldn't figure out if I was born in the wrong time or if society was just plain crazy. I've come to the determination that society is crazy. 

All of my research into nutrition and health has brought me surprising revelations. Women are very specially designed. Here are a few cool tidbits:

- Our body stores special fat known as DHA on our hips and thighs. Until we put on enough DHA, our periods won't start. DHA is the brain development fat for babies. 

- Our hip joints move in a circular motion, whereas men's hip joints move linear. This is so we can still walk while pregnant and the baby's head is engaged in the pelvis. 

- Women have hormones that flood the system making it possible to function on broken sleep

- Women can multi-task to care for children (like cooking and watching children at the same time)

- We produce milk to feed our young, stealing from our body's stores if eating unbalanced meals

- We have sharper senses than men (more taste buds, better sense of smell, etc) 

- We have a higher pain threshold. 

We are designed specifically to have children and care for them. Denying this basic biological fact is a serious disservice to the female gender. There will always be a few who are more androgynous. There will always be those who are dissatisfied with their lot in life. Just don't make me dissatisfied with my life as if I'm missing out on something fabulous because I'd rather have a family. Life is hard. I'd rather live it in the service of another than for myself (I know, how un-American of me). 

Thank you dear Lord for making me a woman. Thank you for my loving and supportive husband. Thank you for my beautiful children. 

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