Sunday, January 5, 2014

Three Weeks Left

Seriously, I cannot believe all the comments I am recieving as of late. Yesterday, I went to Joanns and Target alone while the boys were napping. I was stopped three times with the comment that I must be about ready to deliver soon by three different people. I have a month left if you go by my due date. Today, while at Sams Club with my little family the checker said I looked like I was walking funny and when was the baby due. My goodness, do I waddle so badly?

On the homefront, Pilot is finally hitting his tantrum phase. The tears both last night and tonight were dramatic to say the least. He's also been stating that it's, "Too hard" to share or be nice to his brother. In the realm of sweetness, Pilot was peddling around the backyard while my husband cut my hair telling me, "Mommy, you so pretty" over and over again. I love how sweet little children can be. There is no duplicity in their nature. 

Hero is talking up a storm with all his, "no"'s and, "mine". We must have about three dozen words he uses. I'm so happy for him. He'll be outpacing Pilot in no time. 

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