Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Clock Watching

I have decided to save myself from insomnia by giving up clock watching. Like any parent of a newborn I try to do my best to do everything right. Regular diaper changes, sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls off, and making sure the baby eats every two to four hours. I hate clock watching. Clock watching makes me jumpy and nervous. Rather than relying on instinct, I'm forcing myself into an unnatural rhythm. Rather than letting myself get some sleep, I'm lightly dozing and popping up to see what time it is. It makes me feel like when I was working in an outside job and I had to wake at a specific time. I hated my alarm clock and would try to get up before it would go off. Ugh. 

Our little guy is now three weeks old. He's healthy and strong and his cry is much louder now than when he was born. Why am I still watching the clock? I can understand the need to clock watch when they are just born. Their cries are tiny and often missed if you fall into a heavy sleep. 

Early this morning it dawned on me that my baby is strong enough to cry and wake me up by it. I have made the decision to just get as much sleep as I can and trust the baby to know when he is hungry. No more stressing out that I have to wake the baby by (x) hours. 

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